22 02/13

Beer clubs

This is intended to be the definitive list of Victoria B.C. based beer clubs you may be interested in joining. If you have a club you’d like to see me add, let me know!

This list was accurate as of Feb 22, 2013. Let me know if I need to make any corrections!

21 01/13

28 11/12

Beer Growler fill ups

Brewery Cost of Growler Standard Beer Growler Fillup Open for growler fills
Driftwood $5 $11 ($12/Fat Tug) Tues & Weds: 1-4:30, Thurs & Fri: 1-5:30
Hoyne $5 $10 Wed-Fri: 2-6; Sat 11-6
Phillips $5 $10 Mon 9-5; Tues-Thurs 10-6; Fri 10-7; Sat 10-6
Moon Under Water $5 $10.50-$16 Wed-Sun 11:30-10:30ish
Spinnakers $5 $10-12 Every day 9am-10pm
Vancouver Island Brewery $5 $10 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Canoe Brewpub $8 $12 ($13 Seasonal) Every day 11:30am-11pm

Thanks to r/VictoriaBC for the idea. If you have any updates to this table, let me know. It was accurate on Aug 13, 2013.

25 10/12

#CSKAWY 20 today at Clive’s

Before hops became popular for bittering, a herb mixture called a gruit would be added to the beer. As it’s currently having a small renaissance in the Eastern US seacoast, I’ve not seen any here in the Pacific NorthWest. If you’ve not had the fortune of trying this unique style, don’t miss tonight’s #CSKAWY20 at Clive’s Classic Lounge, where the cask will be tapped at 5pm. From the Facebook event:

Before beer, it was Gruit. For more than 700 years, Gruit Ale was the brewed beverage of medieval Europe. Like today’s beer, it was brewed with water, grain and yeast. Unlike today’s beer, it was spiced with any number of herbs, roots and spices. The Hop, which is now the quintessential aromatic and bittering herb of our contemporary beers, was once only one of many herbs sometimes used by brewers in their recipes. Hops were often completely unknown in some brewing areas of Europe. Instead, brewers relied on a healthy collection of herbs. Most gruit recipes were closely held secrets that were passed down in families or jealously guarded by monasteries, and very few authentic formulas have survived.

Developed with the help of Salt Spring Island’s Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies and based on an ancient recipe, our ‘Spring Fever’ Gruit is made without hops – using locally wildcrafted herbs and a little ‘magik’. The beer was brewed on a full moon, which is said to bring out the potency of botanicals. A stimulating and refreshing beverage with bright, almost cider-like flavours, a floral/clover nose and a slight sweetness. A must-try beverage in a class by itself!


See you tonight!

08 10/12

Interested in writing an article about the BC liquor system reform?

As someone who was in the industry, it was a daily battle dealing with the BC liquor distribution branch, as well as the liquor licensing branch. No one would talk about it publicly, even though it was prevalent, for fear of retribution. Well, now is your chance. You’re welcome to send me your articles for submission, and I will will remove your name from the article. Everyone in the industry feels it’s time for BC liquor system reform, what change(s) would you make?

The only time I will reveal your name would be via a legal order, so avoid libel and we should be okay!

What productive, proactive steps could be taken to improve the British Columbia liquor system? To get your wheels turning, check our this talk from Rod Phillips at IdeaWave 2011.

06 09/12

new beer: Iron Plow: Harvest Märzen

We’ve heard rumour of these for a while, and are excited to see the release of a single batch release from our friends at Vancouver Island Brewery. Announcing “Iron Plow: Harvest Märzen”

Iron Plow: Harvest Mäarzen


Size: 650ml bottle

ABV: 5.8%

05 09/12

BCGEU Strike

There’s a lot of discussion about the BCGEU strike that started today. As people seem to be very polarized, try to get your point across in a positive manner with as little name-calling and emotion as possible, as the moderator I’m trying to avoid libel but keep the discussion informative. Try to keep an open mind when hearing the perspectives of others!

30 08/12

New Beer: Electric Unicorn White IPA

We’re told that the latest one-off beer from Phillips has hit the shelves in most private liquor stores today, it has been provided only in limited quantity. At what is already being passed around as their best beer label yet, don’t miss this new white IPA from Phillips Brewing Company.

From their press release:

August 30th 2012: In appreciation of International Laser Month we are proud to follow up a giant lazer-eyed mutant Panda with this mono-horned electrically charged laser beast.  But while both creatures can sizzle atoms with a glance, the Electric Unicorn White IPA is very different animal than its larger more destructive cousin.

This beer is a white IPA that treads delicately on the palate.  Brewed with a generous portion of wheat, the bold hops of the West combine with corriander and a mystical yeast inspired from the East–from Belgium to be specific–to produce a  taste that’s well balanced and loaded with plenty of Belgian-fruit character.  Ditch reality and take this India pale fairy tale for a ride.

If you want your story to end hoppily-ever-after, be sure to grab your Electric Unicorn IPA quick because it’s only available for a limited time at finer craft beer stores.


Electric Unicorn Label

Format: 650mL

Style: White IPA

ABV: 6.5%

28 08/12

Cocktails take an acid trip – Today’s Globe and Mail

Two of Victoria’s top cocktail bartenders made the Globe and Mail today, in a piece talking about the revival of acid in cocktails. Congratulations to both Shawn Soole and Katie McDonald!

22 08/12

2012 GCBF Beer list has been posted!

We’re only a couple weeks away from the Great Canadian Beer Festival which is once again sold out!



A few minutes ago, the beer line up was posted:

* = Denotes the Cask-conditioned beers, notice how many there are, as we’ll mention them at the bottom of this post!

Banff, AB 

Bankhead Black Pilsner – Roasted malts add character, flavour and colour to this classic German style Swartz beer.

Head Smashed IPA – This excellent brew is our flagship beer. Heavily hopped pale ale.

Brewer’s Oar Cream Ale – Named after the brewer’s paddle. This ale is nitrogen infused as a twist to the classic ESB. Creamy malt accents.

*Reverend Rundle Stout – Nitrogen infused. The hard, mineral rich glacial water found in Banff balances perfectly with this rich dark ale. We are extremely proud of this nitrogen infused stout. The hard, mineral rich glacial water found in Banff balances perfectly with a rich, dark ale.


BARLEY MILL – Booth 53
Penticton, BC 

Cayuse Wheat Ale – Straw-coloured and wheat malted. Lightly hopped, crisp and bright, this beer is a great summer time refresher, or any time for that matter.

Pale Ale – Copper coloured with a malty character balanced by the aroma of Cascade hops, Munich malts and is moderately carbonated.


Vankleek Hill, ON

Lug Tread Ale – Golden hued, crisp and finely balanced. Handcrafted with spring water and certified organic malts. Blends some light ale notes complemented by a lager-like crispness.

Festivale Altbier - Light in body and very crisp while maintaining an assertive hop character and wonderful caramel maltiness.

Pan Ontario – Bourbon barrel aged blend. A blend of four beers from Wellington, Flying Monkeys, Grand River and Great lakes with Beau’s Beaver River.


BLACK OAK  – Booth 50
Etobicoke, ON

Saison – Wheat, orange zest, coriander and special yeast. Unfiltered with an orange hue, pleasant citrus aroma, slightly higher carbonation all combine for a thirst-quenching beer.

Pale Ale – A cross between a traditional British pale ale and the modern American pale ale. Premium Canadian two row malt, three select specialty imported malts and lots of hops.


Penticton, BC

Blackberry Porter – A rock solid porter where the heavy porter malts are perfectly matched by the natural flavour and lift of the blackberries. Great nose and a big pow of flavour in the middle.

Apricot Wheat Ale – Unfiltered wheat ale. The natural astringency of the wheat is softened by just the right amount of apricot to make this a very refreshing summer beer.

Squire Scotch Ale – Has some of the great spiciness of a good scotch and a bit of sweetness in the middle of its flavour profile. Finishes dry with a bit of smoked malt at the end.

*“Drei” Hopped IPA  – This cask is guaranteed to melt your taste buds!  We heavily hopped this tasty wonder with locally grown hops.  If you are a die-hard hophead, this one is for you.

*Amber “Jack” Ale - Do you like beer?  Do you like whiskey?  How about both?  We combined our balanced, malty amber ale with a splash of Jack Daniels.  Bottoms up!


Victoria, BC

Red Canoe Lager - A clean, crisp Czech-style lager. Malt, hops, and yeast notes all contribute to a complex, but exceptionally drinkable beer.

Southern Cross IPA -  Deep golden in colour, with lashings of hops from Australia and New Zealand, this IPA has an assertive bitterness, with unique hop-derived inflections of tropical fruit.

Beaver Brown Ale -  Deep mahogany-brown in colour, with hints of rich chocolate and roasted coffee. Full-bodied but subtle.


Surrey, BC

Kolsch - We ordered a special “Heidelberg malt” from Bamburg Germany, along with a Kolsch specific yeast, and Tettnang hops. An authentic, crisp, clean, golden Kolsch.

*Red Racer ESB – The use of English crystal malts gives this beer its flavour and colour profile. Nutty with a beautiful aroma.

Red Racer IPA – Hops, hops and more hops! This ale has an intense aroma and a long lingering finish. A beer for the connoisseur, this is the brewmaster’s choice.

Thors Hammer Barley Wine – Multi-award winning ale that we produce once a year. Long maturation times give this beer incredible complexity that challenges the best beer connoisseurs.


Vancouver, BC

*Smoke & Mirrors – German Rauch (smoked) and Scottish peated malts combine for a pronounced and layered smokiness. Remarkable smoothness.

Black Sunshine Blackberry Weizen – Tart, light and refreshing flavour. This balance is complimented by the addition of blackberries for a secondary fermentation, which adds a slight fruit flavour and darkens the colour.

Powell IPA – Big hops and big malt combine for a unique balance. The flavour is a burst of grapefruit with a smooth bitterness complimented by caramel, slight liquorice and toast with honey.

Triumph Rye Ale – High portions of rye malts combine with Northwest hops to give this copper coloured ale a complicated and intriguing, yet smooth and drinkable flavour.


Sorrento, BC

Back Hand of God Stout – – (Organic) This award-winning dry stout is extraordinarily smooth and mildly hopped with a distinct coffee/chocolate presence.

*Insurrection Pale Ale - (Organic) Dry hopped with plenty of our own farm-grown Cascade hops. It’s got buckets of aromatic bitterness with a dry, crisp malt profile.

*Gael’s Blood Potato Ale – Made with organic potatoes for an exceptionally smooth, silky body. Rich in earthy malt flavour and body.

Seasonal Fruit Ale - Organic fruit and herbs from our own farm. Saskatoons, redcurrants, blackcurrants, crab apples, plums – ask which keg we’re tapping at the moment to find out which fruit is in it!


Clearview, ON

Premium Lager – Reveals a rich maltiness, lightly nutty, balanced elegantly against a hoppy dryness.

Pilsner – Explore sweet, rich malt flavours against a crisp, bitter finish.

Kellerbier – Moderately bitter throughout, with notes of leafy hops and spice.
Aldergrove, BC

Mandarin Orange Amber Ale - A succulent, robust, innovative amber ale so refreshing it’s like running naked through the snow!

Pepper Lime Lager – Pepper and lime and Dead Frog go together like hot days and wet beaches.

*Nut Brown Ale – Full-bodied, refreshing premium dark ale with a wealth of taste sensations roused by roasted malts, hints of chocolate and espresso.

Dead Frog Pale Ale – Three hop varieties work to create enticing citrus notes on the front end with minimal bitterness on the back end.  Premium malts balance out the hops with a rich, full flavoured finish.


Guelph, ONT

Hops and Robbers – A session IPA, golden, fruity aroma of lemon, pineapple, and toasty caramel malt flavour.


Victoria, BC

Fat Tug IPA – Classic Northwest IPA. Cascade and Amarillo hops are showcased on top of a substantial malt backbone yielding many complex notes of Humulus lupulus.

*Old Cellar Dweller 2011 – Only available in cask once a year. Don’t miss out on the hop & malt monster of 2011!

Farmhand Ale – Used a partial sour-mash and the addition of freshly ground pink & black pepper. Brewed with a very unique strain of yeast from Belgium further adds layers of spice and complexity.

White Bark Wheat – Brewed with the addition of freshly ground coriander and curacao orange peel. Hops are outshone by the wonderful floral aromas.


FIREHALL – Booth 24
Oliver, BC

Stoked Ember Ale – A unique combination of traditional European hop varieties with a North American classic provides exotic citrus and fresh evergreen flavours.

Holy Smoke Stout – A unique marriage of dry Irish stout and German smoked beer. Roasted coffee and chocolate flavours meet smokiness from malt smoked over a beech wood fire.


GIGANTIC – Booth 36
Portland, ORE

Gigantic IPA - True to its name. Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Simcoe create a citrusy hop confluence that continuously embiggens with each drink. The embodiment of our brewing philosophy to “Never Give An Inch.”

Axes of Evil Stout - Gigantic + Three Floyds unleash this true weapon of mass distraction. Citrus, floral and tropical hoppiness lead to full malt flavour from proper English malt, kilned over Welsh coal.

The City Never Sleeps - From the deep dark recesses of our minds emerges this Imperial black Saison. A beer shrouded in mystery and depth of flavour. A night you will never forget.


Vancouver, BC

Hefeweizen – Bavarian style Hefeweizen that’s cloudy and pale golden in colour. Look for aromas and flavours of banana, cloves and bready malt notes. Refreshing summer beer!

Saison – When we decided to do this beer it was still a twinkle in the brewmaster’s eye. You can be sure it’s a true Saison style.

Ginger Beer –Spiced with bold Hawaiian ginger, creating a refreshing taste and spicy kick.


Toronto, ON

25th Anniversary Porter – Boasts a rich but gentle malt character. Complex roasted malt flavour with dark chocolate, coffee and hints of liquorice. Velvety mouthfeel with subtle bitterness in the finish.

Karma Citra IPA – Using Citra hops this IPA is medium bodied with a subtle sweetness from pale malts. Flavours of mango, grapefruit and lychee with a clean, crisp bitter finish.

25th Anniversary Belgian Saison - Brewed with coriander, grains of paradise and peppercorns. A complex flavour ranging from spicy and subtly fruity with a prominent Saison yeast flavour and aroma.


Winnipeg, MAN

Little Scrapper IPA - Unabashedly hoppy, with a grapefruit-like aroma due to a large addition of hops directly to the final tank.

Humulous Ludicrous Double IPA - We decided to brew an ultra hoppy double IPA to celebrate the brewery’s anniversary, Humulus Ludicrous was born.


Squamish, BC 

*Pumpkineater Ale - Brewed with barley, fresh roasted pumpkin, hops, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, water and yeast. A local favourite.

Devils Elbow IPA - An assertive ale that is heavily bittered and dry-hopped providing an intensive aroma and brewed using selected English and North American barley and hops.

King Heffy – German style wheat beer with a distinctive banana and clove aroma.

Fourway Fruit Ale - A combination of 100% mango, passionfruit, raspberry and pomegranate purees. Sybillia hops, 50% white wheat, and 50% barley.


Victoria, BC

Hoyner Pilsner – It balances a deep golden malt flavour with a refined hop character derived from Czech Saaz hops and a selection of German noble hop varieties.

Devils Dream IPA –  Think hops! This is not the ballet. This is an all-out kitchen party in your mouth. This is table-top dancing and blazing fiddles! Not for the meek.

Dark Matter – Deep, deceptively dark, delicious! Is it a stout? Is it a brown? Is it a porter? Dark Matter is elusive, soft on the tongue with subtle roasted chocolate.


Victoria, BC

Switchback IPA – Combination of Citra, Zythos and Falconer’s Flight hops combine to produce citrus, stone fruit and tropical flavours. Balanced by medium malt character.

Race Rocks Ale – Our flagship beer has a smooth, slightly sweet character and a nutty aroma, with subtle caramel notes and a hint of chocolate.

Tasman Ale – Fresh and crisp, this copper hued ale features distinctive tropical fruit character, clean and light bittering and a soft malty body.

*Friday: Sazerac Saison - Aged in and dispensed from an oak cask previously used to age Sazerac cocktail.

*Saturday: Blackberry Black Saison - Black Saison infused with Gabriola Island blackberries.


Nanaimo, BC

*India Pale Ale – Medium body with high hop bitterness, flavour and aroma keep this beer true to its original style.

Dunkelweizenbrau – This dark wheat beer has a refreshing graininess in the flavour profile from the addition of 35% white wheat.

Framboise – Created by re-fermenting loads of whole raspberries with a lightly hopped blonde ale. Refreshing raspberry flavour with a slightly tart finish.

Imperial Stout – A combination of roasted barley, chocolate and black barley gives this beer a rich complex malty flavour.


Montreal, QUE

St Amboise Pale Ale – Amber-red, clean and appetizing, with a very good hop character, from its bouquet to its long finish. Hoppy, fruity, and tasty all the way through.

St Amboise Oatmeal Stout – Brewed from 40 per cent dark malts and roasted barley, this intensely black ale carries strong hints of espresso and chocolate. Oatmeal contributes body and a long-lasting mocha-coloured head to this well-hopped beer.

St Amboise Apricot Wheat Ale - Blends various barley malts with malted wheat and natural apricot essence to create an original-tasting beer with a clean, fruit nose.


Cobble Hill, BC

Pub Draft (House Cider) – A lighter, sweeter version of our traditional cider, but still very dry.

Merri Berri – This is a refreshing blend of apple cider and unfermented juices of B.C. berries and fruits. It’s popular among those who enjoy spritzers or lighter alcoholic beverages.

Scrumpy – Strong, sharp and rich with the flavour of B.C. crab apples fermented without sugar. Our famous rough farmhouse English cider with rich tannic body is slightly sweet, strong and satisfying.

Cyser – A traditional blend of apple juice and wildflower honey, combined in a slow fermentation that dates back to the Viking days.


Baie-Saint-Paul, QUE

Dominus Vobiscum Blanche – This beer releases aromas of citrus and yeast and a refreshing tangy aftertaste. Yellow, cloudy because of wheat proteins.

Dominus Vobiscum Saison – no description

Vache Folle Imp Milk Stout – Dark black beer, sweetened with lactose sugar balancing the taste of coffee and black chocolate.


Toronto, ON

Tankhouse Ale – Deep copper-red colour. Brewed with five different malts and an abundance of Cascade hops. Aromas of citrus and spice with roasted notes.

Organic Lager – German Pilsner that offers a light, crisp and refreshing flavour.

Lemon Tea Ale – Barley and wheat are infused with loose black tea. French lemon puree is added for a bright lemony flavour.


Victoria, BC

Tranquility IPA - This intense, spicy and delightful IPA is extremely well balanced. Made with four specialty malts and Cascadian hops, this beer has a bold hop presence without being over the top.

Cherry Chocolate Stout - This ale is dark, rich and creamy with complex flavours of roasted chocolate malt and finished with just a hint of Bing and sour cherries.

Hop Harvest – Made with this year’s hops and loaded with specialty malts this ale is well balanced and smooth with a lingering hop finish.


Revelstoke, BC

High Country Kolsch – A mildly hopped German ale brewed with authentic Kolschbier yeast.

Nasty Habit IPA – Generously hopped IPA balanced by a diabolical blend of rich specialty malts and pure mountain water.

Attilla The Honey – A blend of specialty malts from Gambrinus Malting and local honey make this the ultimate summer beer.


Calgary, AB

Headstock IPA – Very cloudy copper and small dense head. Refreshing, balanced: off-dry with good bitterness and a bright resin/pine, fruity finish.

Green Apple – Refreshingly smooth with a clean crisp finish. The perfect beer alternative for those looking to try something new.


Kamloops, BC

Belgian Pepper Saison – A variant of the farm ales that can be found in the Wallonia region of Belgium. The Trappist yeast imparts interesting exotic flavours. Unfiltered, slightly cloudy.

Twigs and Berries – A light wheat ale fermented using a classic Belgian yeast. With the addition of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, this beer does not have a Big berry nose but a subtle berry flavour on the tongue.

Mocha Porter – Strong chocolate and coffee malt tones. It is silky smooth on the tongue and comes with a rich creamy head but is dry on the finish.

*ESB - A blend of five different malts from England. The medium carbonation and the sweetness of the malt are balanced by the generous addition of American and European hops.


Delta, BC

Brewmasters Black Lager – A distinctive blend of roasted dark and chocolate malts with a crisp lager taste. Rich in colour and flavour, finishes crisp and clean.

Summer Weizen - An unfiltered wheat ale with the subtle flavour of apricot.


Chilliwack, BC

Sasquatch Stout – Black and robust with a lot of body. Brewed with oats and roasted chocolate malts.

Sergeant’s IPA – Uses special pale and crystal malts and loads of Goldings hops.

Chilliwack Blonde – Smooth, clean, crisp and light bodied. Refreshing with a hint of malt sweetness.


Saskatoon, SASK

606 IPA – A solid malt background, hauling a heavy load of hops – citrus and grapefruit aromatics and very well balanced.

Loki Double IPA – Shows a perfect balance of hops and malt.  A showcase for hops – dry hopped for extra bang.

London Porter - Based on a recipe from 1850 this beer features notes of bittersweet chocolate and a clean finish with a hint of coffee. A very smooth and refreshing porter.


PARALLEL 49 – Booth 10
Vancouver, BC

Seedspitter Watermelon Wit – Using barley, wheat and oats, this unfiltered beer boasts an effervescent watermelon aroma and crisp dry finish.

Hoparazzi IPL – Loaded with pacific west coast hops with a touch of crystal malt. Fermented cool to keep the beer crisp and refreshing. Citrusy hop aroma.

Schadenfreud Pumpkin Oktoberfest – no description

*Imperial Stout – We pulled a bit of our Imperial stout before it goes into our whiskey barrels for ageing just for GCBF. This beer is dark and intense with flavours of dark chocolate, coffee and dark fruity esters.


Victoria, BC

Analogue 78 Kolsch – Soft golden colour with a slight white head. It’s body is crisp and dry with a subtle biscuit sweetness. Finishes dry.

*Hoperation Tripel Cross Belgian IPA – A green apple nose with slight lemon accents.  Belgian fruit flavour is balanced by big floral hops and mild black pepper spice. Finishes grapefruit bitter.

Hop Circle IPA – Bold aromas of citrus with a fresh pine undertone. Has a clean fruity flavour with a grapefruit bitter finish.

Blue Buck – Light aromas of citrus and pine with a slight toasted caramel undertone. Has a light and balanced mouthfeel with a crisp refreshing finish.


Seattle, WA

Double Trouble IPA  – Bouquet of herbal flowers is followed by the dry, crisp, evergreen and citrus character of hops. Balanced with smooth, biscuity, earthy malt flavours.

Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale – Layers of rich malt with a subtle smokiness. Like the finest Scotch whisky brewed with pale, crystal Munich and peated malts; Magnum and East Kent Golding hops.

XXXXX Stout – Full bodied velvety malt texture; hints of chocolate, liquorice and espresso.


R&B BREWING – Booth 44
Vancouver, BC

East Side Bitter – A combination of English and local malts are used to create this beer’s subtle malty canvas where hops are the main attraction.

Sun God Wheat Ale – Brewed using only the highest quality Canadian barley and wheat malt together with German noble hops.

Raven Cream Ale – A dark ale with a light refreshing palate. Northwestern hops are utilised to accentuate the aroma, and are well balanced with a combination of North American malts.

*Cucumber Mint IPA - A refreshingly weird beer. Infused with organic ingredients, the hoppy nature of the India pale ale is balanced with herbal and melon notes.


Surrey, BC

Lemon Ale – Absolutely refreshing! A cold filtered wheat beer brewed with natural lemon essence.

IP’eh! – Caramel and toffee notes from specialty English malts anchor the bitterness and deliver a smooth, balanced taste.

Blood Alley Bitter – This beer is slightly higher in bitterness than the average ESB but is well-balanced by the rich, roasted malt flavour.


Salt Spring Island, BC

ESB - Features a beautiful balance of aromatic whole-cone hops & toasty, caramelly organic malts. Bold, yet not overpowering, this is the ideal session beer.

*Spring Fever Gruit Ale - Made without hops – using locally wildcrafted herbs and a little ‘magik’. A stimulating and refreshing beverage with bright, cider-like flavours, a floral/clover nose and a slight sweetness.

Golden Ale – Made with the finest Canadian two-row barley and hops from Salt Spring Island. Nutty flavour, citrus notes and a beautiful golden colour.

Heatherdale Ale – Dark gold, light to medium body.  Mild floral and honey aroma, cider-like character and very light hop notes to produce a dry wine-like finish.


Victoria, BC

*Hoptoria – Canadian superior pale and English specialty malts give the beer a smooth amber body that balances well with the four assertive additions of five hop varieities.

Tour de Victoria Kolsch – This racey summer session beer has been specially brewed with partial proceeds to support Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour de Victoria.

Peach Hefeweizen – A favourite from our Tea-Cask Tuesdays and brewed specially for the GCBF, we have taken our traditional German-style wheat ale and dry tea’d it with Peach Paradise from our friends at Silk Road.

Cascadia Dark Ale – Brewed with English pale and roasted malts and hopped with Cascades and Centennials.


Toronto, ONT

Pilsner – We use traditional brewing techniques and only four natural ingredients including spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast – all GMO free.


Vancouver, BC

*Pale Ale - Our Pale Ale takes its lead from the original West Coast pale ales that were the standard bearers of the craft brewing revolution.

Great Pumpkin Ale – A festive spiced ale brewed with 100lbs of pumpkin and plenty of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg.

Grand Espresso Stout – A rich, roasty stout that is brewed with shots that are laboriously poured on our own espresso machine. The coffee is custom-roasted by JJ Bean.

Pilsner – A full-bodied, hoppy pilsner inspired by the Czech style.


Victoria, BC

Coconut Porter – Dark and juicy. London-style porter brewed with organic coconut. A don’t miss beer experience.

Berry Ale – Full-bodied ale with raspberries added in fermentation. Amber-light red in colour very complex and delicate.

Extra IPA - A strong hoppy ale. Brewed specifically for the hop lover. A blend of hops gives this beer it’s great hop bouquet and lasting hop flavour.

*Oaked Legacy - A formidable and robust ale of complex character. Originally brewed as a tribute to the legacy of the late Michael Williams, founder of Swans.


Pentiction, BC

Strawberry Blonde Ale - A blonde ale where the grain flavours combine with the juicy, sweet and tart flavours of the strawberries.

Killer Bee Honey Ale – Dark and rich, with the taste of chocolate and coffee combining with the flavour and aroma of Okanagan wildflower honey.

Kettle Valley Amber – A full bodied beer with a deep caramel malt backbone followed by aromatic and spicy hops.


Tofino, BC

Tuff Session Pale Ale – A bright copper coloured pale ale with a toasty malt base balanced with west coast hops. Light to medium body with a clean, dry finish.

Fogust Wheat Ale – German style hefeweizen. Nice subtle notes of banana and clove up front and clean mellow finish.

Hoppin’ Cretin’ IPA – Gives off an aromatic bouquet of citrus and mango. Heartily hopped, lighter in body with an extremely dry finish. There’s no stoppin’ the cretins from hoppin’.


Powell River, BC

Powtown Porter – Coffee and roast smells on the nose, round and smooth malty mouthfeel that is enhanced by the warmth of the 5.8% alcohol and balanced by the bitterness from the dark malts.

Tin Hat IPA – Loads of pungent, pine-y, citrus-y hops make Tin Hat IPA hoptastic! Its strong bitterness is balanced with a malty body.

Blackberry FestivAle - Blackberries provide a tart and subtle backdrop for this wheat beer. Fruity aromatics complement our unfiltered, round bodied, summer sipper.

Zunga Blonde Ale - This golden ale has a light bitterness and a balanced body to create a dry, refreshing finish, with hints of European hops.


Kelowna, BC

Dukes Cider – Subtle apple flavour and notes of cinnamon lead to a very pleasant smooth dry finish.

Vertical Winter Ale – Smooth, medium-bodied mellow tasting winter ale. Flavours of caramel and nuts lead to a subtle hint of vanilla on the finish.

Hophead IPA – Our signature beer is full bodied and loaded with hops delivering a distinct taste and aroma this beer has stood the test of time.


Broussard, QUE

Porter Baltique -  Brewed in the traditional style as a bottom-fermenting lager. A luxuriously round, but robust, black beer with a mild bitterness.

Pale Ale Americane - Copper-orange, mild malt sweetness, the hops deliver a resinous and subtle citrus bite which balance well with the biscuity and caramel malt sweetness.


Shawiningan, QUE

La Saison du Tracteur – This dry saison will charm you with its passion fruit taste.

Shawnigan Handshake – The perfect hybrid between an IPA and a Hefeweizen.

La Buteuse – Before being thrown in the Devil Hole’s falls, good Father Buteux gave this dry and hoppy New World triple recipe to our ancestors.

*La Mosure – Get bitten by the bitter taste of this American IPA. This version is cask- conditioned and dry hopped a second time for your pleasure.


Delta, BC

Stanley Park Wit - An aromatic and fruity Belgian Style wit beer. It’s made from all natural ingredients including wheat, barely, and the addition of coriander and orange peel.

Stanley Park 1897 Amber – The mellow toasted malt and even body is perfectly balanced with a soft bitterness and mild hop aroma. Subtle flavour complexity and clean finish.

Stanley Park Noble Pilsner – Careful blend of Hallertau-Mittelfrueh and Perle hops, 100% malt and a unique strain of yeast results in a mildly intense Pilsner with a remarkably pleasant finish.


UNIBROUE INC. – Booth 21
Chambly, PQ

Blanche de Chambly – A light, fruity white ale veiled by citrus aromas and coriander. Wheat flavours are present with subtle spices and citrus notes reminiscent of lemon. Simply refreshing!

Ephemere Apple – White ale blended with apple wort. The beer has a fresh apple aroma with taste reminiscent of Granny Smith aplles and delicate spice notes.

Ephemere Cassis – Blackcurrant aroma featuring citrus, spice and floral notes complemented by a rich black currant flavour with hints of fresh grapefruit, lemon zest and tea.


Victoria, BC

Beachcomber Summer Wheat Ale – An unfiltered ale styled after a German weissbeir. Combines mellow aromatic notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Hermann’s Dark Lager – A flavourful and refreshing dark lager, dark chestnut and a medium body with a soft hop impression and toasty malt nose.

Sea Dog Amber Ale – An Alt style amber with a burst of hops and smooth malt finish. Brewed to celebrate our Canadian Naval Centennial.

*Blueberry Wheat Ale - Local fresh blueberries were added directly into this cask of unfiltered Hefeweizen, utilizing a unique yeast strain from the Weihenstephan brewery in Germany.


Guelph, ONT

Imperial Stout - A rich, dark, coffee-flavoured beer of exceptional depth and complexity. Full bodied, hints of liquorice, black currant and bitter chocolate.

County Ale - Reddish amber with aromas of slight oak, cherry, toffee, malt and warm bread. Taste is full bodied, malt, nut, toffee.


Whistler, BC


Whiskey Jack Ale – Dry-hopped with English Kent hops for a true craft beer experience. Warm, copper colour with a well-rounded mouthfeel with subtle bittering.

Bear Paw Honey Lager – Fresh-brewed and fermented with 100% organic B.C. honey, so you can actually smell the honey aromas and taste silky smooth honey on the finish.

Valley Trail Chestnut Ale – We’ve blended robust caramel and crystal malts to give the brew deep brown amber hues. Roasted chestnuts give a bold nutty character, complemented by a light level of hops, for a clean but crisp finish.


Nanaimo, BC

Red Brick IPA – This impressive West Coast style India pale ale is brewed with lots of Northwest hops to give a balanced, crisp, clean finish.

Black Tail Porter – Robustly rich, dark ale that is creamy and smooth – our “house specialty.”

Golden Honey Ale - This smooth session ale is full of flavour and is made with organic Honeydew honey. Light body and smooth finish.


Whitehorse, NWT

Red Amber Ale – Rich bronze colour, creamy mousse head, full malt body with spicy licorice overtones. Signature bitter finish.

Ice Fog IPA – Full malt body, dry hopped for fresh hop aroma and flavour. Pleasing bitter finish.

Lead Dog Ale - Intricate malt flavours predominate, with a medium mouth-feel and a very light bitter.

This list is subject to change at any time, see the official list for the latest.

The big secret to beer nerds, is the casks, which are not always visible on the day of. If you’re going on a marathon tasting session, go for the casks first, as this is the freshest beer can get, and they don’t usually last long!