20 07/12

Corkage in Victoria

Yesterday it was announced that you can bring your own wine to participating restaurants in British Columbia, who can charge a “corkage” fee to open a bottle of wine you bring to the restaurant. This also means restaurants can close (cork) your unfinished bottle of wine to take with you, regardless if you bought it there or brought it. Beer and spirits are not included. Thanks to our friends at Liquor Plus for the initial research:

Establishment Charge
Cabin 12 $8.50
Marina Restaurant $20.00
Bubby Roses Bakery $12.00
Smoken Bones Cookshack $0.00
Brasserie L’├ęcole $30.00
Zambris $18.00

If you know of any other establishments in Victoria offering corkage, please let us know.


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